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Dormer King is a family-owned and operated business in West Babylon that has been serving the Long Island community since 1972. We specialize in dormers and other home extensions and additions, as well as work on kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, siding, roofing and more. Over the years, thousands of homeowners have turned to us for the best in dormer contracting. A dormer can improve the architectural design of your home, add more living space and offer improved ventilation among other notable benefits. Let's take a look at the overall pros and cons of building a dormer for your home.

Pros of a Dormer

Dormers Add Architectural Interest, Accent, and Detail

Having one of more dormers as part of the structure of a roof will boost the overall curb appeal of the home which might otherwise be a bit bland. This new look and design also adds features that can look good on the inside too. When you add a dormer to your home, you will enjoy the improved aesthetics of the home and the upgrade will make it more appealing to buyers in the event that you decide to sell.

Roof Dormers Will Add More Light

If the dormer is built about a living space instead of over an attic, then it will provide more natural light. This is also true if you are converting attic space into a new living space. Dormers are great for a new kids play area, a dressing area, or any area where you will want some extra light. And the extra light is also great on the electric bill, since you will not need to turn on a lamp as often.

Better Ventilation

We usually build dormers in a multi-story home on the upper floor where hear rises and air can become stale and stuffy. The windows on a dormer will allow for more fresh air to enter the home, as well as improve the airflow which in turn improves the ventilation and air quality.

More Headspace & Room

With any size dormer you will be getting more room and more headspace. The larger the dormer the more room and more headspace and this can make a huge difference in your quality of life and the new amount of usable space available to you.

Great View

On top of adding more light to a room, the dormer provides another view, which depending on what you see can improve your quality of life.

Potential New Exit

In case of emergencies, it is also a plus to have more exits and a dormer window provides another point of exit. This is especially true if the dormer window is the only exit in an attic roof.


Here are some potential cons you should be consider before committing to the building of a dormer.


Now, the addition of a dormer is less expensive than buying a new home or a major home addition, but the cost is still pretty high. They require additional building materials and the cost of labor. And the requirement for tearing off the old shingles in order to build. There is also the potential for needing a permit in order to build onto your home. The best time to turn to a dormer installation is when your home is being re-roofed. Otherwise, the cost goes up even more because there will come a time when the roof needs to be replaced anyway. So if you are thinking of the installation of a dormer, try timing it with a new roof. However, the pros at Dormer King make the installation of a dormer as cheap as possible.


The installation of a dormer creates valleys on either side and the valleys are notorious for leaks for a higher volume of water runs through them. However, during the installation the use of flashing materials are designed to prevent leaks and help with all dormer leaks and issues.

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