Dormer Addition Contractors

Why Add a Dormer Addition?

A dormer addition offers both an interior and exterior appeal and beauty. On the inside, a dormer can turn a dark attic space a ray of sunshine with a dormer window. Also, an additional bathroom can be enlarged by a dormer tucked into a large bedroom. The additional space created by a dormer adds natural light and ventilation that make any home interior more inviting.

Then, when looking at the dormer addition from the outside, a dormer can define certain house styles, such as a neo-colonial or stick style, which usually include a dormer in their designs. Also, a dormer can give a horizontally-orientated house a sense of height, which is especially true if the house is located very close to the street. When a dormer addition is designed correctly, it can accentuate the architectural details of the home and enhance them.

So whether you are looking to add a dormer to improve the inside or outside of your home, the contractors at Dormer King can get the job done! With our years of experience, we can handle any job that comes our way.

The Benefits of a Dormer Addition

Dormer Addition

There are a variety of reasons you may need to extend your home. And a dormer for your house is the perfect way to get more living space! Here is a quick rundown of the benefits you’ll be getting with a dormer addition to your home.

  • It creates a better living environment for everyone in the home. Dormers can create a better flow, improve the lighting, and increase the height and square footage in the upper areas of the home.
  • Sometimes your household is growing and you need extra living space. A extension can add this space and create more room, like a new bedroom.
  • Creates an additional opening for use in a situation requiring an emergency exit from the home.
  • Adds a unique detail to a home’s interior and exterior look. Dormers increase the character of the home itself, as well as increase the property value.

But whatever the reason you need it, this project always boils down to one fact: you need more space! A dormer addition is an affordable way to get more living space for your home without moving. Buying and selling a house on Long Island is a huge undertaking and big responsibility. So a dormer addition is a great way to keep the home you are living in, while still being able to have a house with more living space.

On top of the added space, this new addition also adds to the overall value of your home. If you should ever decide to move in the future, the addition of a dormer can go a long way into selling your home for more money. Think of it as an investment that in the long run improves your home's value. So not only does a dormer addition improve your current living condition, you will also benefit long term from it.

And though we think the addition of a dormer is an investment, we also make sure the project is as affordable as possible. Fitting your budget, while still maintaining quality and beauty.

Long Island Home Improvement Contractors

The addition of a dormer for your home is very common on Long Island, but what is not common is the experience you get when you turn to the team at Dormer King! Dormer King was founded in 1972 by two brothers: Thomas and Anthony Pititto. Now, over 43 years later, they are still owners passing the TORCH to the second generation of Pititto’s having one of the oldest active licenses on Long Island. We specialize in dormers and many homeowners across New York turn to our contracting team for elite work. A dormer addition is a perfect way to add size and value to your home. You can add living space without having to sell your house!

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