Dormer King Testimonials

Kind Words From Our Customers

 "I just wanted to thank everyone at Dormer King for doing such a great job and for handling everything as professionally as you did. I was extremely pleased with such things as our sales presentation, all commitments being honored, the kind and friendly staff who went above and beyond to be helpful, and the speed at which our job was done. I went into this expecting a very difficult time and was amazed how well everything went. I can see why Dormer King has such a great reputation. Thank each and every one of you for all you have done."

Mr. & Mrs. H.

 "In March of this year your company built a family room for us. We had never been involved with any contractors before and anticipated the worst. To our surprise, the job was completed in less than a month, and it was nothing less than a delight dealing with you and your employees. The professionalism of your staff, both on-site and in-office, is to be commended. Your employees worked quickly and efficiently; something which was very much appreciated, considering we had a 14 month old baby walking around fascinated by the noise and building materials. Your on-site workers were very accommodating to both our son and our dog who might have sometimes gotten in the way. They cleaned the site daily, leaving virtually no mess. The ease of having your company apply for all of the permits and proper paperwork was an added bonus. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work that was put into a room that is now a family favorite. We have recommended your company to all of our neighbors and friends and if we ever need any kind of home improvement we look forward to dealing with your company again."

Mr. & Mrs. K., Wantagh

 "Fifteen years ago my husband and I bought our house. The price was right and it was close to family. But everyday that I lived in that house, I hated it. The ceilings were different heights, the windows drafty and unopenable, the bathrooms ancient, and I won't even mention the kitchen. In general the layout was very poor. In the spring of 1986 we decided to sell the house and look elsewhere. Well, being from a very close knit Italian family this started World War III. Everyone said "Why don't you renovate!" I was so sure it could never turn out the way I wanted without totally leveling the house, spending $100,000 or both but I began the process of looking for a contractor. After interviewing and rejecting 6 contractors, I found Dormer King and Tony and Tommy Petito. One night in May, Tony came to our house, very patiently listened to what I had to say, looked through the house, attic to basement and outside and t hen announced that it would be no problem, he could do the job.

Well, I was a bit skeptical. I didn't have Tony's ability to see what this would look like after all the work was complete and I told him that. He went to his car and returned with drafting paper and pencils. Sat at my kitchen table for the next four hours, without a signed contract, and drew the plans for the new house. I was speechless, and for me that's really something! It was beautiful! I couldn't believe that this man would actually spend the time to ease my apprehensions without even knowing if he would get the job. All the other contractors had insisted that I go to an architect first, because of the magnitude of the job to be done. Of course, I asked for references, which he gladly gave, and spent the next week making phone calls.

At the end of that week, Tony came back and we signed a contract. Construction, or should I say destruction, started the third week of August. On time too! Tony was there the first day and every day after that to see that the job was progressing as it should be. He introduced me to his foreman on the first crew and to the foreman of each subsequent crew. These crews work for Dormer King, they are not sub contractors. They were courteous, on time, never goofed off, and were careful not to destroy too much of the yard in the destruction stage. Each step of tearing down and rebuilding went very smoothly. Tony or his brother Tommy came by the house everyday and we discussed changes or straightened out minor problem areas.

When a problem did come up, it was taken care of immediately and always to my satisfaction. Dormer King is a very professional company, with very warm hearted and fair people running the business. Tony, Tommy, Doris, Scott, Sonny, Big John, Gene, Danny and especially the young fellows who had the clean up detail, all worked very hard to make this house a "HOME" to be proud of. I recommend this company very highly, for the big jobs and for the little ones. You would never find another group of people with their customers best interest at the forefront of their business. I would gladly show our home to any prospective customers who would like to see the kind of work Dormer King creates."

L.M., Kings Park

 "We both felt we had to write and tell you how pleased we are with the dormer you constructed for us. We have received numerous compliments from not only friends, relatives, and neighbors, but also from people who pass by and stop to tell us how lovely our house looks. Of course we mention it was done by DORMER KING! Your crews were courteous, friendly and took pride in their work. If there was a problem, someone always came promptly to solve it. The extra care that some of your crew took on our job reflects the pride and professionalism of your company. Should we require any more improvements, you can be sure we will call DORMER KING! It was a pleasure doing business with you and we THANK YOU!"

Mr. & Mrs. L., New Hyde Park

 "When my wife and I felt it was time for our home to be remodeled, it seemed like an overwhelming task. We sat with countless contractors and always seemed to be more confused after the appointment than before it began. When we had Dormer King in our house, it just seemed right. Our consultant sat with us for as much time as we needed explaining everything. It is nice to work with someone who has had over 30 years experience as a "hands on" builder before he began doing consultations. I knew I needed a raised ridge but nobody ever took the time to explain to me what a ridge is in the first place. The whole experience proved to be painless. The work was completed right on schedule and periodically throughout the job a supervisor would check in to make sure I was satisfied or had any questions. I felt at ease knowing they had so many years experience and thousands of jobs completed right here on Long Island. My neighbors were delighted that at the end of every day there wasn't a spot of garbage anywhere. I've seen several jobs in the area that were left such a mess at the end of the day. Every day I marvel at how beautiful my house is. To remodel a home is a major project and Dormer King made the project stress less for us. I would highly recommend Dormer King for any home improvement project."

T.M., Holbrook

 "I wanted to take the time to again let you know how pleased we were with the full second story dormer/ new bath to our home in Babylon. All of the work contracted for was accomplished in a professional manner with quality materials and all of the efforts were completed on schedule. Your work crews should be commended from the teardown efforts to the final buildup of the frame out/ plumbing/ electrical/ sheet rocking etc. After the job was completed we were very satisfied with your efforts on the punch list and the prompt attention that was given to the few minor open items relative to this large job. We have in the recent past and will in the future continue to highly recommend your outfit to other Long Island homeowners who require work on their homes. Thank you again for your efforts."

Mr. & Mrs. M., Babylon

 "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the great job you did on our extension. You made an otherwise stressful project into a smooth and uneventful work of art. The bedroom and bathroom that you added are simply exquisite and the talk of all our friends who have seen it. Please feel free to show this letter to any intending customer and to use us as a testimonial to the fine work and fair price you offer. Everything that was promised was delivered on time and in an exemplary fashion. It truly was great doing business with you guys!"

M.N., Plainview

 "As we sit here in our new home we can't find the words to thank you enough for everything you have given us. From the first day we met you, we knew in our hearts that you were the one to build us our "dream home." From day one it has been nothing but a pleasure working with you and the Dormer King crew. You told us what you would do for us and you stuck to your worked on every detail. In our minds, "Dormer King" is truly the king of all contractors. You exceeded our greatest expectations. From Ann-Marie who helped to give shape to our ideas, to the "rip-out" crew, to the framers, the office staff (especially Wendy and now Dawn), Bill who is always in the background keeping things moving forward, Dan and the other craftsmen and to the "clean-up" team, everyone did their part to get the job done.

Chris, Sam and Lenny also played a big role in making the house workable (especially Chris who along with us waited and waited for the damn tile). Considering the magnitude of our project, everything stayed on the time line you had laid out for us. This was remarkable especially when you started in 6 inches of snow. Whenever a problem arose, no matter how small, you or a member of your staff was only a phone call away. We were so impressed when we called your service on a Saturday and found you on our front door step twenty minutes later. That's above and beyond anything we could have expected. Thank you, Tom, and the Dormer King Staff for everything. You have given us a home that we will proudly show to all of our friends and family. Whenever the opportunity offers itself we will sincerely praise the work of your company. We knew that we wanted to stay here in Babylon and raise our children here, and you made that possible."

Mr. & Mrs. O., West Babylon

 T'was two weeks before Christmas, when all through the house, Hammers were banging and chased every mouse, The plastic was hung, by the stairway with care, In hopes that "Dormer King" soon would be there, The children were bundled in blankets and scarves, While up on the rooftop, wind blew every tarp, And I off to work and Gary at home, Had quickly discussed the plans of our home, When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, We sprang from our bed, to see what was the matter, We ran for our coffee and awakened the kids, While trucks had dropped off, wood strapped to skids, The lawn was all covered, with nails and supplies, While ladders were placed, to carry up guys, The man on the roof, with the saw in his hand, Had given new meaning to our printed plan, More rapid than eagles, more workers they came, And they shouted and banged, and drove us insane, "Now Tommy, Now Mike, Now Mason, Now Frank," "On Sider, On Plumber, On Rich and the Bank," "TO the top of the porch, to the top of the wall," "Dash away, Dash away, Dash away all!" As shingles before, on the rooftop did lay, Had been scattered about, by the end of the day, THen up to the housetop, went the masons and crew, With a barrow of cement, to repair an old flue, And then in an instant, we heard on the roof, The prancing and stomping of every work boot, As we poked out our heads and were turning around, Down went the old chimney, thump to the ground, Men were covered in grit, from their head to their foot, And their clothes were all dirty with sand and black soot, Then came bundles of insulation, that were all neatly wrapped, And it shined and it shimmered from its foil back, Then came Tommy, to see how they'd done His face was all tan from the Florida sun, He smiled so broadly from ear to ear, And said they'd be done, by the end of the year, Than in a wink of his eye and a twist of his head, Soon gave us to know we had nothing to dread, He spoke not a word, as he watched his skilled men, "They'll finish up today, to return again," And the workers they worked and we had no fear, While the suppliers from the lawn, had all disappeared, Now the windows were white, in new vinyl clad, The porch with the gable, hand made us so glad, And the sides of the house, in beige tongue and groove, Quickly assured us, it was right not to move, The house stands so lovely, they all worked so hard, The children at peace, in the new rooms, so large, As a quiet falls upon us, as we look back and such, To all the people at "Dormer King," "we Thank You So Much." "Merry Christmas to All" "And to All a Great Year"

Mr & Mrs. T., Long Island

 "The recent renovation to our home has been completed and I would like to congratulate you and your work force for an excellent job. Your crew of work men from the framers, sheet rock installers, spackler, trim man, electrician, heating and air conditioning men were very professional, curious, polite and responsible people. I should also mention your knowledgeable salesman, designer interest in my project. Your personal visits to the site and your willingness to answer all questions and extend your full cooperation were of special value. I would highly recommend your firm to all my friends and any of your future customers. Thanks for a job well done."

Mr. & Mrs. T. Long Island

"I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff of workers, from the carpenters down to the spackler's to the guys who came at the end of every day to clean up, it really was exceptional experience. It was my pleasure to leave out coffee, tea, and hot chocolate and cookies on those cold days. The workers were kind, patient and always polite with all our questions and or concerns about the process and we could not be happier with the finished product. My husband and I and my parents have mentioned Dormer King's name to more people than I can remember, since the start of the job. Thank you again. I hope our praise brings you many more clients. what a pleasure doing business with you."

A.B. Long Island

"We just received the Certificate of Completion for our renovation project and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff of Dormer King for helping to make what is normally thought of as an excruciating process and easy and even pleasant experience. From the beginning, every member of your crew was courteous, respectful and skillful. You handled all paperwork for permits and dealt with the town in a timely, professional manner. We quickly became comfortable enough with your workers to be able to leave them alone in our home. We even had comments from neighbors impressed by the thorough regular clean ups.

We always knew if we called about an issue, someone would get back to us within a day. During the 4 months you were in our home, there were only and handful of days when no worker showed up, and that was always due to severe weather or some other obstacle beyond your control. There were moments where changes needed to be made to accommodate unexpected problems and you dealt with those easily and creatively. For example, when the framing around the whirlpool tub wasn't wide enough to accommodate the fixtures we had chosen, you designed and built an architecturally attractive "bump out" on the spot that is now a favorite feature. We walk around our 2 gorgeous new bathrooms, 3 completely renovated bedrooms and 4 spacious new closets and marvel that this space is ours! Thank you for not only creating such a beautiful and functional new home for us, but mostly for making it such a painless process. Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference in the future. We wish everyone of you the very best."

Mr. & Mrs. R. West Hempstead

"We wanted to thank ALL the employees at Dormer King for building our beautiful home. We would recommend Dormer King without any reservations to our family and friends for any type of home renovations. If you ever need a reference, please contact us anytime."

Mr. & Mrs. B. Long Island