Types of Dormers on Long Island

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Dormer King has years of experience adding dormers and extensions for homes across Long Island. We are headquartered in West Babylon, New York and are a licensed dormer contractor for homeowners across Suffolk and Nassau County. Our staff specializes in dormers and home extensions, but we also provide clients with kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, siding, roofing and more contracting services. We are a family owned and operated contracting company that has been serving the Long Island community for over 40 years. Trust Dormer King to make the difference when it comes to home contracting. For more information about our home contracting services, please reach out to us today.

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What is a Dormer?

A dormer is the name in the world of home construction given for a protrusion that juts out from a sloped roof. This protrusion has a "mini roof" of its own. A dormer adds beauty and a classic elegance to any home, but it also creates space and headroom. Typically with a dormer installation, windows are installed, which means the addition of a dormer also adds more lighting to the room. Dormers are commonly added when performing a loft conversion. However, any space above the first floor of a home can benefit from the addition of a dormer. And the contractors at Dormer King are more than happy to provide these services at an affordable price. On top of the dormers being adding, we can also provide full home extension as well. Adding more room and comfort to your current home.

Types of Dormers

There are a few different types of styles of dormers you can add with each providing their own distinctive look and style. Before beginning, we can design and plan out the type of dormer you want for your home. Ensuring it fits with the current style of your home. Our contracting team has years of experience and will work with you in order to give you the dormer additions that you want. Let's take a look at some common types of dormers and see if you draw some inspiration from them.

  • Gable dormer: Arguably the most common type of dormer. It goes well with a variety of different types of architectural styles. A gable dormer has a peaked roof that slopes down on either side meeting at the top ridge and forming a triangular shape for the top window wall of the dormer. And the walls of the dormer that extend downward from the roof are vertical. There is nothing too fancy with a gable dormer. They are simple dormers that add light, air, space and symmetry to your home.
  • Flared dormer: This is a gable dormer that has a roof that flares out in order to shade the window from the sun's heat and glare. The perfect type of dormer for southern and western exposures.
  • Eyebrow dormer: This is a dormer with a low-curved roof in a shape that looks like an eyebrow. A popular type of dormer from 19th century architecture, but still has its place in today's home construction.
  • Hipped dormer: A hipped dormer has a roof that slopes back on three sides and meets at a recessed point.
  • Inset dormer: Unlike other types of dormers which extend out from the roof, an inset dormer is set back into the roof, which leaves a flat, horizontal space between the bottom of the dormer and the rest of the roof.
  • Flat dormer: This is a dormer with a flat, non-sloping roof.
  • Shed dormer: A shed dormer has a roof with a single sloping plane that is usually at a shallower angle than the main roof.
  • Wall dormer: This is a less common dormer that offers less additional space when added. Its face is simply part of the regular wall. However, it has an elevated vertical roof that projects above the rest of the roof.
  • Link dormer: This is a large dormer that either contains a chimney or joins two parts of a roof together.
  • Through-The-Cornice dormer: This type of dormer is more complicated and often considered more elegant in design. It is built through the cornice, which is the roof's edge. This type of dormer also goes by the name of "wall dormer."