Long Island Kitchen Redesign

Dormer King specializes kitchen redesign projects for homeowners across Long Island. Our contractors are licensed and certified and can help with every part of the kitchen redesign process. We are located right in West Babylon, which makes us a great choice for homeowners throughout both Nassau and Suffolk County.

There are a lot of moving parts and aspects to consider when remodeling and redesigning a kitchen. Before starting any new project it is important to plan out what you want to do. It will make it easier to go through the process. This aspect of kitchen redesign is crucial and should not be overlooked. From the designing, to the budgeting, to putting it all together, we will help you with any and all aspects. 

Kitchen Redesign Planning

Redesigned kitchenBy properly planning your upcoming kitchen redesign project, you will get a sense of the materials you will need. This comes in huge for your budget. You can plan what materials and items you want to spend the money on and what you may be able to find cheaper. Projects like this can add up quickly, so correctly budgeting during the planning process can help to avoid any unexpected large costs. And on top of the budget, planning out properly also influences the decision process. If you have a better understanding of the project as a whole, you will be able to better judge what works and what doesn't work for the overall look of the kitchen. 

Working with what you have is one way to save money with any kitchen redesign process. It can be an expensive undertaking to move water and gas lines in order to accommodate the reconfiguration of ovens, stoves, sinks or dishwashers. By keeping any pre-connected elements, you will be saving money and making the kitchen redesign project go more smoothly.

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Dormer King has years of experience working on kitchen redesign projects for Long Island homeowners since 1972. If you would like more information about starting a kitchen redesign, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about kitchen redesign, as well as discuss any other home matters. The number to call is 631-957-5555. You can receive a free consultation and estimate regarding your home kitchen redesign project.

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